Time Trial HQ

Coming Soon!

Time Trial HQ is a new complete timing and race management system built in collaboration with Shaftesbury Cycling Club and HCS Technologies Ltd.

Tablet based timing systems, syncronised to atomic clocks, allow timekeepers at the start and finish to record riders times simply by clicking a single button on the screen. We even have a split timing feature to allow real time updates as riders complete laps / get to the turn etc.

Rider times are calculated for scratch, handicap, vtta in an instant. Leaderboards for all categories are then updated as riders complete their ride. All published back to results pages viewable on phones, tablets, PC's and massive projection displays.

The timing system, built as a collaboration with HCS Technologies Ltd, will soon be available for clubs across the country to use for their own events. An initial approach has also been made to the CTTC to discuss options for using it as an approved timing system for open events. This will reduce the burden on organisers & timekeepers and gives riders results as they cross the finish line.